We're cold, tired, and hungry - but at least we haven't gone Communist

There is an enormous sense of helplessness, in the modern world; there is the feeling that we, the little people, are dwarfed by forces outside our control; by enormous numbers.

The salaries brought home by the heads of large companies are measured in millions of pounds. One such pay packet would sustain most people for many years. It makes us wonder if those who bring in such salaries continue to work because they need to, or because they simply want to – if they are driven not by need, but by love of what they do.

Perhaps, too, ideology plays a part – particularly with the increasing reliance, in the modern workplace, on psychological techniques which are used by employers to make their staff work harder, instead of paying them more money to do so.

This reliance on ideology reminds us of the tub-thumping propaganda campaigns of the Soviet Union. It is not what we have been led to believe is capitalist behaviour.


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